Compagnie des Parcs is a private real estate development firm, owned by its founding partners. Since its creation in 2006, it has remained focused on main segments of the commercial real estate industry in Switzerland, by developing a portfolio of assets ensuring a long-term cash flow through strategic locations and quality tenants.
Compagnie des Parcs focuses primarily on development and renovation opportunities of prime quality buildings of significant size, in line with market trends. Thanks to the quality of our buildings, we have led Swiss institutions to invest in the mixed industrial sector.
Compagnie des Parcs concentrates on buildings providing a long-lasting cash-flow. It has consistently maintained a conservative approach and is hence protected from possible economic reversals. Its debt coverage is carefully controlled and its financing is set up with local banks, with which it has created good relationships over the years.


Secured Parcels

62’730 sqm

Gross rental area at completion

130’500 sqm

Gross rental area as of 31.12.18

29’401 sqm


Compagnie des Parcs invests in assets offering an enticing potential to be captured through opportunities of new development, renovation or extension in line with its portfolio, aimed to be kept well-balanced in terms of maturity and typology.


Long-term leases with prime tenants
Assets offering steady returns and cash-flow and added value potential on the long run
Potential arbitrage of stabilised assets
Locations close to main communications arteries and well connected to public transports
Long term financing with reasonable leverage and adequate hedging techniques,